The goal of Bricks With Wings is to present all facets of the aviation community to children in a fun and educational way using LEGO® bricks as an instructional tool. At Bricks With Wings build events, children are able to spend time building Stephen’s models, who is always on-hand to guild the builds and provide information on the science behind airplane design.

Stephen has created four LEGO®-compatible books: “Bricks With Wings,” “Bricks In Space,” “Warbirds & Air Pirates,” and “Bricks In Combat” which contain step-by-step instructions on how to build dozens of unique aviation and science fiction models. He’s also authored several science fiction novels. You can learn more about his books here.

All proceeds from sales go directly back into producing more content for everyone to enjoy. Financial donations, which both keep the site up and allow me to continue to make exciting content, can be made here: PayPal

You can contact Stephen at any time via email.

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